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Table of Contents

  1. General Class Policies And Hints
  2. Grade Expectations
  3. Attendance
  4. Homework and submissions
  5. Scheduling Office Hours
  6. Accomodations
  7. Incompletes and alternative assignments
  8. Advice and feedback:draft:
  9. Academic Honesty

General Class Policies And Hints

No matter how busy I am, I am not too busy to schedule a meeting with you within the next 2-3 days! No matter how little sleep it looks like I’ve gotten or how many meetings I have had, let me know if you need help or a chat and I will happily find a way to make it happen.

Below are miscellaneous class policies and hints that apply to my courses. I encourage all students to read them and familiarize themselves with these notes.

Grade Expectations

Tell me what grade you want and I’ll tell you what work you need to do. This doesn’t mean that you will automatically get the grade you’re after, but it will save everyone time and anxiety to set expectations. I will not be upset or offended if you don’t want to get that A. In fact, it saves us both time and energy if everyone is upfront about it.


I expect full attendance in every class and lab. I may take explicit attendance from time to time. If you miss class, send me an email or a message in slack. If you miss multiple classes in a row, I will probably be concerned. I’m always happy to see a student return to class.

My reason for requiring attendance is not that I want to be a stickler for the rules. Rather, there is a strong correlation between attendance and attention in class and success in academics. Missing class is also an indication of other problems (social, health, etc). If you’re having problems reach out to me an we can figure something out. This is not, however, an invitation to skip class regularly and then meet with me to smooth things over. If you’re missing class for a reason, I will insist that we work together or in conjunction with other campus resources to come up with a plan that addresses your underlying problem.

Homework and submissions

In general, if you complete all assignments on time, you will pass my classes. By this, I mean that you make an observable effort to answer or complete every part of the assignment and/or describe your approaches to the parts you were unable to complete. I am always happy to chat or discuss anything you’re having trouble with. Different classes may require different late policies. For example, CS322 adheres to absolutely rigid deadlines but provides flexibility in what is delivered. In FP, I would rather get your best effort a day late than an incomplete essay on time. The details of these late policies will be listed in the corresponding syllabi.

Scheduling Office Hours

  • You can book office hours online. If the hours listed don’t work for you in a particular week, I can usually find some additional time somewhere to meet. If the hours listed don’t work for the whole term, let me know and I’ll see if I can permanently move some slots around.
  • If I have verbally agreed to a meeting with you, send me a calendar invite!
  • If you are going to be late or miss an appointment, please let me know in advance.


Anyone seeking additional information about disability support services at Knox College should contact Stephanie Grimes ( or extension x7478). If you have academic accomodations, please meet with me early in the term to discuss when and how you may need to exercise them. If I know ahead of time, I can also try to tailor assignments and deadlines to the needs of the class. Accomodations are a way to make sure you are able to complete assignments and examinations without hinderance. Grades are still assigned according to work completed and submitted. I am happy to work out a plan to help you complete the work and learn the material to the best of your potential.

Incompletes and alternative assignments

I will always prefer a solution that avoids an incomplete. Reach out to me early to figure out a plan of action. Incompletes and alternative assignments are reserved for students who have suffered sudden or unexpected hardship. I will not provide incompletes or alternative assignments for students who come to me week 8 after having missed assignments all term without communication. Alternative assignments are a favor which often result in significant additional work on my end which I am happy to undertake for any student who has been communicating with me throughout the term and giving me their best effort in class given their circumstances.

Advice and feedback :draft:

I will occassionally reach out to individual students if I observe negative patterns or potential for improvement. It is up to you whether you want to act on this feedback. College is a time to learn your strengths and your weaknesses.

Academic Honesty

The Honor Code applies to all work submitted for academic credit. See for Knox policies on academic honesty. Understand definitions of plagiarism and cheating. Please don’t hesitate to ask clarifying questions on permissible sources for assignments, quizzes, exams, etc.